As of 2018, counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise in the world1

$200 Billion

Estimated annual market value of counterfeit prescription drugs2


Global counterfeit medicine seizures happen in North America3


Of medicines from online sites that conceal their physical address are counterfeit4

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A Path to Prevention and Resilience

Swiftly achieve your goals of safeguarding brands and protecting patients.

A trusted brand protection consultancy, 1st Line Partners helps brand owners in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer personal care industries protect their brands—and ultimately patients and consumers—from the threat of illicit trade.

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Protecting Your Brand, Together


Assess your brand's vulnerabilities and mitigate risks of counterfeiting with 1stLine Partners. Identify potential threats to your brand's products and value/supply chain using our risk assessment tools and methods. Our data and analytics hub provides real-time analysis for comprehensive risk assessments that enable informed decision-making.


Protect your brand's Intellectual Property (IP), product security technology, and supply chain security with 1stLine Partners. Resist counterfeiters, who are increasingly agile and skilled at exploiting vulnerabilities and opportunities. Our team of experts develops tailored protection strategies that mitigate risks and protect your brand's assets


Stay ahead of counterfeiting threats with 1stLine Partners' comprehensive monitoring services. Our experts provide market monitoring (both online and offline), quality systems monitoring, and business intelligence insights. Visibility into the market landscape enables you to quickly identify potential threats and adjust your protection strategies.


Rapidly respond to counterfeiting incidents with 1stLine Partners. We provide support for incident management and triage, investigation and enforcement, and legal strategy. Ensure swift action in any counterfeiting incident to minimize damage and protect your brand's reputation.

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