Becoming a freelance interim manager

November 2, 2022

A career in interim management is exciting, however, it’s not for everybody. Even though there are no specific educational requirements to become an interim manager, qualifications in some fields can help. For example, if you start an interim management role in a finance company, then a qualification in finance will surely help. So, if you want to work for an accounting firm as an interim manager, you’ll be required to be a chartered accountant—period!

The same goes for energy, technology, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and IT firms. The bottom line is, different industries have different educational requirements for interim managers. Does this mean that anybody who is qualified in the aforementioned areas can become an interim manager? Well, not quite. A very important part of interim management is senior leadership experience in a corporate setting. And no, taking a leadership course or earning an MBA doesn’t count. You’ll need actual and substantial experience in an executive role before.

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Lastly, you should be mentally prepared for contractual roles. Remember, interim means temporary. Even though you can have a long-term career in interim management, you’ll only last temporarily in any company. It’s crucial to be mentally prepared for such a lifestyle. The fact is, most people want to stick with one company on a long-term basis. They want to build alliances internally and climb the corporate ladder. If you’re this type of person, then interim management may not be for you. So, before you become an interim manager, become okay with changing companies frequently.

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