Hiring for remote positions

April 1, 2022

1. Access international talent

We live in a candidate-driven job market, and 42% of companies admit they are struggling to find quality tech talent. By learning how to hire remote employees and offering remote and flexible arrangements, you will be appealing to a global pool of job seekers. These can be people from other cities or even countries who are considering a job change but who don’t want to leave their home.

In many cases, the local candidate pool simply isn’t big enough, especially when a company is growing. Employers around the world increasingly choose to hire remote employees because of the enormous potential that foreign talent can bring to their businesses.

2. Gain a competitive edge in the job market

Being open to hiring remote employees not only lets you access a wider talent pool but also gives you a competitive advantage over the competition. In times when many businesses have a hard time recruiting skillful employees, especially for very technical or specific positions, your offer has to stand out – and offering flexible work conditions is a smart way to achieve it.

By choosing to hire remote employees and by offering remote and flexible work options, you would appeal to 54% of office workers who say they’d leave their job for one that offers flexible work time. That’s a tremendous competitive edge over other companies with rigid requirements for their recruits.

3. Reduce costs smartly

Choosing to hire remote employees can bring significant business savings. For starters, you can scale back the office costs of furniture, electricity bills, cleaners, and office supplies. You’ll also be able to avoid the expense of in-office perks, such as free food or coffee, office parties, etc. In addition, remote employees tend to take fewer sick leave days that office-based workers.

However, don’t go as far as reducing salaries for remote workers, even if you think your employees save money by not commuting. That’s a dangerous tactic as a UK study showed that 1 in 2 office workers (46%) would be likely to resign from their current role if their company were to cut their pay as part of cost savings across the business.

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Swedish researchers have discovered links between commuting and weight gain, loneliness, increased stress, and even higher divorce rates.

When you hire remote employees, you are giving a bunch of people the precious gift of time – for some this might add even two or more hours to their day.

Furthermore, eliminating the need to commute is a huge favor to the environment since transport accounts for around a quarter of global CO2 emissions. And managers who want to attract millennials should include environmental impact in their employee value proposition, as this cohort of the workforce genuinely cares about their company’s carbon footprint.

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